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Tash Clubbing

In The Mix

It took me years to feel at ease with “my” locking. The process could be compared to feeling like a ping pong ball. Every experience was a new learning curve.

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On Passion

Did you know that the etymology of the word “passion” comes from the Latin origin “pati”, which means “suffer”?

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Enough main image


When I opened my eyes this morning, I was drawn back to the state of our world.

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Can't edit your soul image

About Soul

This morning I had the urge to spew some self-righteous bull about my views on the state of our dance. But then I remembered that this would be in fact judgmental.

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A Buddha statue surrounded by planets

The Duality of our World

When the outer warrior is firing loose arrows aimed at uncovering the truth, the inner Buddha sits back and knows that Truth cannot be chased.

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