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Seeing through the veil

I am always amazed that so many people dismiss the power of our Universe. They reject ancient knowledge based on science or religion, they want facts or rely on blind devotion. Why is it so impossible that the moon has a magnetic effect on our emotions when science has proven that the full moon moves the ocean tides. Aren’t our bodies composed between 50% to 75% water depending on our age and gender? The transit of the full moon starts about five days before we can witness its fullness and some people use this “knowing” to their advantage.

Do you think it’s just a fluke that some of the most significant bills passed by governments happen during these transits? There are more critical entities at work, and they aren’t all for the greater good. It’s about genuinely seeing through the veil. Be aware; as humans, we cannot look at this vast multiverse we live in and believe that the cosmic signs are always new-age heresy. All you have to do is witness people around the world lose control over social media (another way to keep you stuck in the drama). It’s always so obvious to me when the switch flips on. There are two sides to this coin; we witness the immense joy and destructive anger.

What is more mutative than two opposites confronting one another? I don’t condone it I just see it all with fresh eyes. I observe the movie, and sometimes I just have to switch off the news and stop flipping the coin. Bad news, good news, there are so many gradients in this duality as these switches are being flipped on and the result is a world living on the edge of insanity. No wonder the world is on the verge of destruction.

There are master puppeteers in this world we know nothing about who uses this knowledge that wasn’t always sacred to their advantage. We as hu-mans (Hu in Sanskrit means God) God-men are still blind. We are ruled by this law of two: Black vs. White, religion vs. paganism and on and on we go down the rabbit hole as we divide and separate everything. We must first “know thyself”, we must observe ourselves and use these opposites in a conscious manner. We must watch our thoughts more closely, feel our emotions more intimately and see that we are all here living our experience on Earth to evolve our form through ‘spirit’. It’s going to get worse before it gets better and let’s hope that no one pushes that restart button again because we failed again as a species. 

To live our humanity on this planet is a gift. We have to “re-member” how to love unconditionally, to be kind to our fellow men, to protect Mother Earth from our madness. But in the end, if we keep on this degenerative course, she’ll spit us out like she did many more times in the past. Haven’t we learned anything at all? 300 years ago I would have been “burnt at the stake” for sharing these views out loud. So I guess somewhere along the way we have made giant steps. Still, we all know that there are people in this world who wants us to remain blind, fearful and angry. They don’t want us to see the light or attain this inner peace because obviously, they do not want us to be free. They are afraid of what these giant steps can accomplish.

This is why we have to remember why we are dancers… While everyone is caught up in their illusions, we have to keep dancing together creating beautiful bonds of love and friendships. Dancers are destroyers of darkness… We bring light and joy to the world. 

How you use the light is up to you, but be conscious that every step forward made with pure love is received and returned with its parallel resonance.

Look in the mirror! Who are you? What is your gift? How can you make this world a better place? 


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