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GOD, Creativity & Us

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To create in the likeness of “God” is what we were meant to do but were sabotaged the moment we were out of our mother’s womb. Society had a different agenda for us, and they made sure all resources were spent on molding the various, strict and narrow-minded academic mazes to coax our generation into following the collective and not waste time in frivolous abstract activities like all things emanating from the arts.

When erasing “creativity”, do you erase God? Do you erase everyone’s innate free will to create, to hope and to have faith in something they can’t see? To create or embody something beautiful should be a deeply felt experience.

Who, what, where is God anyway? For some he may be a religion, for others, he evidently is fabricated or just a concept but for me, he was always there, somewhere, casting a shadow with his light that stretched out from my limbs, continuously illuminating my path. I spent a lifetime wondering about things like, “Who am I?”, “Where do we come from?”, “Where do we go when we die?” But like most of us, I became busy with life and thought I could do it all on my own creating this separation between us, between God and I. 

As we spend a lifetime searching for the answers that can enlighten every path we take, we speed, bump and crash into everything, losing faith in the ONE thing we can’t grasp; God.

I was never a religious person, and I hated feeling like there was a judgmental God somewhere, ready to cast souls to hell because this God was built up by stories written eons ago. A God who may well have been vindictive with his demands and sacrifices, but that God is the fabrication of humans who have lost their ways, that are thirsty for power, and have the unquenchable desire to lead the misguided weaklings in exchange for excessive adoring and blind devotion.

We are indeed missing something, chasing after who, where and what are the reasons why we will never find it. Many are in search of a soul-mate of a new career, a new project, a new thrill or even a new religion, but what we are really looking for has been there all along and looking within might be the key. If we lack creativity, it may as well be because we lack his guidance.

The “Innermost” resides everywhere within and in all places out there. He, she, it resides in every creation, every tree, every Art piece, every dancer’s breath and every child’s laughter. As we keep craving for all elusive material pursuits men have produced we keep wondering why coming home still feels so empty, some have figured it out and witness “God” in a very personal way, in every living and the non-living thing, in small acts of kindness and in all the simplistic moments of our everyday life. Let’s try to get back to the source, find the beauty in everything and everyone, even in the uneventful. You will never feel alone because the source is always by your side, your so-called childhood “imaginary” friend pointing out all of the world’s beauty just for you to notice, unless, you’re still not paying attention.

It was never “For many are called, but few are chosen” it was always

“All are called, but few choose to listen” – A Course In Miracles

A special Thank you to Alexandra “Spicey” Landé for urging me to read The Shack, a novel that is surprising, filled with Godliness and inspired me to write this blog post.

This story may be, exactly what some of us need The Shack Book by William P. Young

I also would like to thank everyone who has dared to delve deep into “the creative.” You have inspired me to transcend the experimental into the experiential!


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