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Inner Tao; The “IT” Factor

I: Inner; of or pertaining to the mind or spirit; mental; spiritual: the inner life.

T: Tao pronounced “dào”; the “way,” the path, the flow, the art or skill of doing something in harmony with the essential nature of the thing. (Dance, poetry, etc.)

What is “IT” for me may differ from what is “IT” for you. It is a personal opinion that resonates on a deeper level and is often dependent on one’s journey. It doesn’t mean that what is “IT” for me is better than what is “IT” for you. It is a reflection, a mirror projected back onto us, often showing us that what is inspiring in someone else awakens what is or could be inspiring about us. Sometimes we gravitate towards these “IT” people because of the talent they possess, but to be “IT” for me, there has to be a human connection. When I meet someone with the “IT” gene, I feel it within my core. What you find attractive in them is what is often beautiful within you. It’s a magnetic recognition that goes beyond and beneath the surface. More often than not, it has little to do with talent, and everything to do with the spirit.

Of course, the recognition of talent is key, but after removing talent from the equation is the person inspiring, does the person has depth, is their light infectious?

Sometimes, a complete stranger can trigger an inner feeling that is transcending, a memory with no boundaries in time or space. I have met such people in my life. I instinctively am drawn to them and always sense that kinship is immediately forged. We might not have known each other for more than five minutes, but the “Spark” is felt, and there is instant mutual respect. That “Spark” is the underlying keynote necessary for creating absolute harmony. That “Spark” is for me, the “IT” factor. It has nothing to do with fame or romance even though it is about love. When someone says, he or she has “IT” it might not resonate with you, and why should it. It is a deeply personal resonance that can only be experienced through meaningful human interaction. Some may even take your word for it only to discover that there was no “Spark” for them.

It is about recognizing in the other what often lies deep within us. Once we honor its existence, the unspoken spiritual bond between two or more souls is infinite, unbreakable and timeless.

This post is dedicated to all kindred spirits/Anam Cara/soul friends.

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