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Welcome and thank you for visiting seektash!

Before I proceed, I need to set the tone and give you a background context since my dance experience reflects the long journey I embarked on from the moment I decided to follow my passion for street dance in the early ’80s.

It’s equally important to also speak about my early ballet and jazz training. In retrospect, it has empowered me to create the type of discipline and longevity I needed to instill balance throughout my dance career. It all gave me a methodological model of teaching when none existed in the streetdance world.

The Golden Age of Hip-Hop

Born in 1971, I was blessed to experience the street culture firsthand—breathing and living its atmosphere, club culture energy, fashion statements, and deep-rooted heritage during the golden age of Hip Hop.

Although I was raised in Montreal, Canada, the desire to learn and live for my passion drove me all the way to New York and Los Angeles to seek the knowledge very few had access to at the time. I was incredibly fortunate to cross paths, meet, study, and learn the dance and its cultural heritage from the creators and pioneers that founded and transformed our culture throughout the years.

Professional Experience

The broad spectrum of the knowledge received (both historical and practical) has given me the ability to dissect and preserve valuable information. Today, I have an extensive and well-rounded background in street dance styles — taught hundreds of workshops and classes worldwide and helped develop many dance curricula, which empowered artists and companies alike.

Other professional experiences range from theater performances, commercials (TV and stage), and choreographic work for companies like Cirque Du Soleil.

I have developed and contributed to many dance adjudication panels and judged international street dance competitions such as Juste Debout Tour and Hip Hop International USA, and many more.

I have been a consultant, mentor, and coach for the last 20 years of my career, investing many of my personal resources in organizing the Las Vegas Locking Camp and sponsoring events through the Wättssoul company co-founded with my husband, Ghislain Malardier. My roots are also profoundly anchored in Breaking as a Montreal’s Flow Rock Crew member and currently in creation with Bboyizm Dance Company. 

At present, my main focus areas are social / soul dance, Hip Hop, and Locking.

passing on the knowledge - my teaching

Today, my duty is to pass down some of the keys that have empowered me to the new generation. The past is gone. But I can share some wisdom while also accepting that today’s cultural challenges cannot be met without respecting the transformation that the culture is currently undergoing.

Although street dance had no codes and is a living-breathing artform, it was essential for me to develop a curriculum that inspires the students to stay curious and loyal to research. The transfer of knowledge cannot make an impact without tact.

My pedagogy stems from my unique approach to synthesizing and simplifying the many complex elements that must be understood before starting the journey.

The street culture is a vast terrain, and many “faux pas” can be made along the way. I hope that my experience can shed some light on the best ways to navigate the myriads of paths, either individual or collective.

If this speaks to you, I am confident I can help you discover which course is essential to your development and progress while helping you implement the learnings that best fit the path you hope to undertake.

To learn more about my teaching…