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With over 30 years of teaching experience and a primary focus on street styles such as Hip Hop and Locking, I have developed a personal, collective, and progressive approach to teaching by creating a fun yet organic learning environment for all students.

My classes and workshops were hosted in Europe, Canada, the US, and other countries like Russia, Brazil, India, Nepal, China, and Singapore.

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During the pandemic, I aimed to develop a complete curriculum using a customized online platform.

My course needed to flow; therefore, I have spent time and resources (thanks to my web-master/husband) on developing a learning space inspired by the online university models used by distant-learners all over the world.

This course will give you access to information rarely shared, receive quality instructional videos/assessments, and offer you many great teaching tools.

Your investment is also a great way to archive the knowledge acquired if your hopes include becoming well-rounded dancers/and teachers.

(Post Pandemic)

Are you planning a trip to the US? Would you like to make a little detour through Las Vegas and study dance with me?

I am inviting you to book a private or group dance/retreat experience at my house. Lodging and breakfast are included in the package. You can also book a private class if you are staying in a hotel.

Tash’s dance retreat is geared towards the all-level dancers focusing on Social Dance, Hip Hop, and Locking. Each package is designed with you in mind.

Once your retreat is booked, we can begin to create the learning experience you desire by selecting the specialties and techniques you wish to focus on. You will also have time to rest or/and to check out the town.


Basic Hip Hop

Fundamentals – Grooves – Musicality – Creativity – Foundation – Party Dance – History – Music – Techniques – Drills – Combo – Choreography – Judging – Performance

Basic Locking

Fundamentals – Grooves – Musicality – Creativity – Foundation – Social Dances – History – Music – Techniques – Drills – Character – Combo – Choreography – Judging – Performance

Teacher Training

How to:

  • Build your curriculum
  • Develop a physical training program.
  • Create a balanced learning environment.
  • Protect your students.
  • Guide without being forceful.
  • Ground your teaching while remaining open and progressive.


Private Retreat

A Private Retreat is a one-on-one experience designed for the dancer that wishes to fully immerse himself or herself in learning without interference while making the most of the time spent with me. This package is great for the dancer with an individual goal/focus in mind. Do you need to refresh your knowledge, need more clarity, or need a more progressive approach to your artistic growth?

Get – 12% off for any booking before December 31st, 2021

3/Nights 2/days:  $575  $480 US (price for 1 dancer) 

Group Retreat

Group Retreats are designed for a minimum of 3 participants (2 are also possible). Each person gets 1 private + 3 combined group classes. This package is designed to create a collective learning environment where exchange informs your dance.

5/Nights 4/days:  $1610   1440$ US (price for 3 dancers)

Custom Package

Depending on my schedule, I can be flexible about the length of stay (shorten or extend your stay), extra meals, classes, etc.

*Package price subject to change with class, stay, or meal adjustments.

One hour of private training can be more beneficial than a full year of group training.

Dancers can benefit significantly from selecting private instruction if the aim is to reach and surpass their goals.

My privates are personalized and created uniquely for each individual. They are designed to unlock a dancer’s potential by developing inner strength and character, empowering them to attain a higher level of confidence, technique, and performance while respecting their identity. Many of my private students have had significant breakthroughs during their sessions; therefore, I highly recommend them to my students.

Interested in training privately?

Do you prefer a one-time class, a small group private, or consecutive daily privates? When selecting a private with me, you get my full attention and can ask me all the questions that have plagued your dance journey.

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With 20 years of competitive judging experience, I can judge local and international dance battles, contests, and choreography competitions.

My judging experience includes the Head Judge seat for major competitions worldwide, such as Hip Hop International (HHI) and the Locking judge for the 2018 Juste Debout Tour.


I offer private and group consulting to individuals, companies, and corporations.

Are you seeking to get connected with the ideal people for your projects? Or do you need clarity? I am an excellent soundboard and can assist you along the process.

My consulting history includes Cirque Du Soleil casting, Hip Hop International, Warner Bros, etc. I also act as a liaison between the creators and pioneers of street dance and various organizers worldwide.

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I have been performing professionally for over 35 years for companies, various commercial, artist tours, and theater shows such as The Beatles LOVE by Cirque Du Soleil.

My choreography works include corporate names such as Diesel, AT&T, MGM Resort. Commercials, TV shows (Jay Leno, Access Hollywood, the Winter Olympics, and other appearances for The Beatles Documentary “All Together Now.”

Are you looking for an interpret assistant/choreographer? Please send me an email, and let’s chat!

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“A massive dance party where learning just happens. It isn’t forced or formulaic, it just is.”
Bryan Kang
“Her class is full of knowledge. It give us a taste of what it was like in the past when the dance was at its rarest form. I was also able to understand, clarify and be sure of what locking is.”