With 26 years of teaching experience and a focus on Street Styles like Locking and Hip Hop. I have developed a personal, collective and progressive approach to teaching by creating a fun yet organic type of learning environment for beginners, intermediates and advanced students.

Interested in training privately? Do you prefer a one-time class or consecutive privates? Email-me to start the process.

With 15 years competitive judging experience, I am available to judge local and international dance battles, contests, and choreography competitions.

I offer private consulting to individuals, companies and corporations. Are you seeking to get connected with the ideal people for your projects? Or do you need clarity? I am a great soundboard and can guide you along the process.

I have been performing professionally for over 33 years. Are you looking for an interpret, or a choreographer? Send me an email for all inquiries.

“A massive dance party where learning just happens. It isn’t forced or formulaic, it just is.”
Bryan Kang
“Her class is full of knowledge. It give us a taste of what it was like in the past when the dance was at its rarest form. I was also able to understand, clarify and be sure of what locking is.”