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The Duality of our World

When the outer warrior is firing loose arrows aimed at uncovering the truth, the inner Buddha sits back and knows that Truth cannot be chased. It is the way!

When we are young, the warrior leads us into battle. It is written. We need it, somehow, to fight our demons, conquer our fears and leap into the unknown. The ‘off the beaten paths’ of the world are our battlefields, our struggles, the teachers that will eventually entice us back to seeking the source.

Today I am witnessing the world as if it were through the eyes of the source. My heart is breaking, yet it is written. I see traces of our history, un-existing places now belonging to our future races… The soul of our planet erased, Mother Earth is screaming, while sacred lands are sinking, oppressed under the footsteps of heartless men, for what, for progress?

One day, they will speak again in foreign tongues about the decline of our landmarks as we are today reciting passed on legends, history books written by confused men. Yet we wonder why all these sacred texts are lost to mindless men with heartless hearts. When dug out remnants are rewarded in gold, man’s search for meaning becomes legends of old. The crack in the Earth’s Akashic record repeats our story, will the future be digging for gold or for the life seed embedded in centuries of dirty coal.

Our planet is not outside of us; we are the cells of her body. Sickly dying cells which can’t regenerate. Because we have lost our way of healing her DNA… she has to mutate, spit us out, like unwanted viruses. When salt no longer blesses our tears and light no longer warms our skin, when food no longer feeds our hunger and love no longer create the seed. We will go extinct. Once again legends, sung by the wind and buried in the sand.

The middle way still lies between two poles as Buddha watches the warrior relive his own past. He knows not to intervene in the warriors journey, as he looks to the source for what he has yet to embody himself.

His singularity. The totality.

Musings by SeekTash. (Photo Art Credit: Unknown – Buddha Outer World)

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