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When I opened my eyes this morning, I was drawn back to the state of our world. I realized that I fell asleep on my sofa, wearing yesterday’s clothes, wrapped under a thick comforter, and at that moment, I felt blessed for the warmth and protection. I thought of all those souls that would wake up cold in the world with no roofs on top of their heads, no comfortable mattresses to support the most vulnerable moments we humans surrender to… Sleep. I can sleep peacefully without being fearful of looming attacks or bombs dropping on everyone I love and hold so dear. 

I thought: Today people just like I woke up on temperamental oceans and overcrowded broken boats, many woke up on the shores of foreign lands in hopes to find peace and shelter, and too many, never woke up.

I step into my kitchen and see the dirty dishes in my sink and I think, these dirty dishes are a blessing; I am eating while everywhere on this planet people starve to death. Therefore, I did the dishes like it was a holy act. 

I was grateful for my blessings. I start all my morning chores in the very same way, from the way I fold our clean clothes to the way I spread sweetness on my child’s bread. I have to remain conscious that I am privileged in so many ways. To reach freedom, so many people will devise a plan, pick one set of clothing to wear-and-tear for the long-elusive journey towards some new life. Any life would be better than what they leave behind, yet some leave behind their most precious “possessions”, their loved ones, in hopes that this new life could provide peace and the resources for a happy reunion at an elusive and untimely place.

I have everything, EVERYTHING. I am here safe, surrounded by many of my loved ones, and I know that even those I love who live far away are also safe in countries that value freedom. But I will always remember that to attain this freedom; many wrongs were committed against indigenous people all over the planet.

We carry the genes, but we have the power to supersede these old codings. By always choosing love over fear. 

Still so many have nothing, no freedom to love or to choose, they always live in fear. We are responsible for the cruel acts committed against them today because WE aren’t coming together and using our voices to say ENOUGH. Hate still blinds us as we keep dividing ourselves for these beliefs that do not follow the grand universal design. Harm no one, take ONLY what you need and leave the Earth as you found it.

I see that through it all, this freedom is an illusion in light of all that is happening – They are reminding humankind how to remember; fear, little by little, the fundamental values are erased, the foundations are cracking, and the walls are crumbling. What will be left but our souls?

We can be better than this. When the roles are reversed, we are the strangers. We are not our old stories; we cannot carry them into the present and create a future based on weakened moral values. We have to stop dividing everything we touch, stop labeling everything we can’t understand.

We have to “re-member” that we are ALL on one planet, one small dot in this magnified Universe and we cannot carry on this way. We have to nurture these wounds and fill them with light. We need to heal the present with love. 

Love the stranger, love yourself. Without him, her or them, there is no I, you or us.

Written by Seektash

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