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Ellipsis… (The Unknown)

Ellipsis… (The Unknown)
An unfinished thought, a leading statement, a slight pause, or a nervous or awkward silence. Aposiopesis is the use of an ellipsis to trail off into silence…

The more I age, the more I am aware of the little voice inside that lets me know I have to keep walking with majesty towards all destinations. It says that I am here to serve. It’s telling me that real change happens when you re-discover what children do naturally; Navigate life without fearing the unknown. I have learned so much from observing myself and others, how easy it is for humans to get sidetracked by our emotions, by our need for recognition, by competing in the immaterial race of life. 

It takes over three decades after we’ve lost our child-likeness until we can reassemble a sense of freshness towards this ellipsis we keep encountering. 

Now there is a bell constantly ringing within when I get lost when I lose composure when I get stuck in the past or dredge up old negative memories that keep me from being free.

The “unknown”.  The eternal question. Filled with hope and desire, but often anchored in so much fear. We weren’t born with this fear, yet we carry it countless places. The unknown is what keeps many from leaping. The fear of change, the fear of losing your stability. When you realize that stability is opposite from freedom you then realize why you are so confused. 

The uncertainty of everything: A sentence with no verb. We are known to act, but uncertainty lies in no action, it numbs us to our core and we wonder why it’s so hard to create, to take that leap. When I am approached with this question… because I am always asked this question, I smile. To a younger person, I must have figured out the answer because I seem to have mastered life from their perspective. I did in many ways, but the unknown is always present, it never leaves you, there is always tomorrow, there is always that what if?

That is the beauty of life. If you fear the unknown, you fear everything. Then… are you truly living? 

Be the source, seek your ocean, surrender and dwell in the ellipsis of life.


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