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About Soul

This morning I had the urge to spew some self-righteous bull about my views on the state of our dance. But then I remembered that this would be in fact judgmental.

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Know Thyself…

“As dancers we always need to upgrade, to defy the status quo, to figure out how to become ageless by bridging all of our passions.

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To teach is to serve, never to lead.

Wättssoul Wednesdays with Scramblelock

Check out the who, what, when, where, why and how… with Scramblelock on Wättssoul Wednesdays.

After a wonderful month of connecting, dancing and sharing with LockUnity, this conversation/interview wrapped up what Marc ‘Scramblelock’ Sakalauskas calls the “Best Month Ever.” I am very grateful for this one on one exchange on his past, the people who have inspired him and where it all may lead in the future.

Thanks Scramblelock!


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