Know Thyself…

“As dancers, we always need to upgrade, to defy the status quo, to figure out how to become ageless by bridging all of our passions. The dancer in the play never quits if the love remains, but I am not just a dancer. At the end of my life, will I have lived and loved enough? “

Woman writing made as a collage

The preparation for my “upgraded” website was very cathartic as my goal was to bridge the many facets of Tash through one portal. The old website was outdated and a bit archaic for the “enhanced” me. In late 2010, I took it upon myself to build my ‘own’ website; I was a total beginner. People that know me also know I am always up to try something new, to leap and dust myself off later. This time around I decided to stick to what I am good at and let my husband take the lead. Co-founding Wättssoul together has taught us a lot about teamwork and how to use our respective strengths. Furthermore, the SeekTash site is integrated into the Wättssoul platform. Imagine all the possibilities.

 On a more serious note, the timing is perfect.

With a bird’s eye view of the old, I also began to observe my life without the desire to judge it. It’s amazing what happens when you begin as yourself, and when you decide that telling the truth has more value than being right or being followed. When I speak from the heart, I am faced with the apparent realization that the truth ‘sometimes’ hurts but bringing it to light can “perhaps” make these truths begin to live in others.

The past years have brought a needed shift in my life. I invited the Universe to participate and contribute to connecting all of what I am with the world. I have also had small increments of deeper awareness here and there which helped me engage with the rest of my life with more focus. It’s not about having my opinions blasted carelessly through virtual tools but about sharing what has transformed me with the people that could connect with my words beyond the screen. Every day since this “shift” I am meeting more people walking a similar path. Like everything is finally in perfect harmony with my resonance in the world. I genuinely feel happy for them and connect deeply with what they are creating and achieving. I observe them because I am interested, and more often they just fascinate me.

Hence, with this new online identity, I will share more of me and highlight the people that inspire me. Some of you might find yourselves starring in one of my blogs or may be the seed of my daily musings. “Seek Tash” never was meant for getting an audience to seek me, it was always a play on words. The truth is; I am a seeker; I seek for knowledge, I seek the source of all things and that always brings me full circle; the truth. When the knowledge connects to the source, it finds “me” and then it may or may not transcend into wisdom. If and when I choose to share this truth (my truth), it loses its connection to the source (me) and becomes an opinion; it does not make it your truth… That is your work; seeking your truth and finding your voice. 


Blog Artwork: Lou Ann Ephraim.
Collage artwork: Unknown

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