Personalized Learning Experience


Are you planning a trip to the US? Would you like to make a little detour through Las Vegas and study dance with me?

I am inviting you to book a private or group dance/retreat experience at my house. Lodging and breakfast are included in the package. You can also just book a private class if you are staying in a hotel.

Tash’s dance retreat is geared towards all-level type of dancers with a focus on Hip Hop and Locking. Each package is designed with you in mind. 

Once your retreat is booked, we can begin to create the learning experience you desire by selecting the specialties and techniques you wish to focus on. You will also have time to rest or/and to check out the town.

Basic Hip Hop

Fundamentals – Grooves – Musicality – Creativity – Foundation – Party Dance – History – Music – Techniques – Drills – Combo – Choreography – Judging – Performance


Basic Locking

Fundamentals – Grooves – Musicality – Creativity – Foundation – Social Dances – History – Music – Techniques – Drills – Character – Combo – Choreography – Judging – Performance


Teacher Training

How to build your curriculum – How to develop a physical training program – How to create a balanced learning environment – How to protect your students – How to guide without being forceful – How to ground your teaching while remaining open and progressive 

Private Retreat

A Private Retreat is a one-on-one experience designed for the dancer that wish to fully immerse himself or herself in learning without interference while making the most of the time spent with me. This package is great for the dancer with an individual goal / focus in mind. Do you need to refresh your knowledge, need more clarity, or just need a more progressive approach to your artistic growth?

Get – 12% off for any booking before December 31st

3/Nights 2/days:  $575  $480 US (price for 1 dancer) 


Group Retreat

Group Retreats are designed for a minimum of 3 participants (2 is also possible). Each person gets 1 private + 3 combined group classes. This package is designed to create a collective learning environment where exchange informs your dance.

5/Nights 4/days:  $1610   1440$ US (price for 3 dancers)


Custom Package

Depending on my schedule, I can be flexible about length of stay (shorten or extend your stay), extra meals, and classes etc.

*Package price subject to change with class, stay or meal adjustments: 

“Her class is full of knowledge. It give us a taste of what it was like in the past when the dance was at its rarest form. I was also able to understand, clarify and be sure of what locking is.”